How to Keep Area Rugs Clean With Household Pets

Tips for Area Rug Cleaning With Pets

You love your pets, but you don’t love the fur, dirt, pawprints, and accidents they leave on your prized area rugs. You don’t want to toss out your valuable woven rug, but you’re not sure if it’s possible to restore it to its pre-pet condition. You need help from the experts at Mussallem Area Rug Specialists – the best area rug cleaners in Jacksonville. Follow these area rug cleaning tips for households with pets.

Install a Cleaning Station

If your pets are indoor-outdoor, this can mean tracked dirt, mud, and muck from outside on your beautiful rugs. Make area rug cleaning much easier by arranging a pet-cleaning station somewhere before entering rooms with rugs. Your stoop or foyer, for example, could be the perfect place to give your pet a quick wipe-down before letting it enter the rest of the house. Wiping down dirty paws and giving pets a quick brush for loose dirt can help you keep your rugs clean.

Vacuum Often

Your pets might track dirt and debris onto your area rugs, but it isn’t until people step on the tracked-in dirt that it really sets in and stains. Vacuum your rugs often to prevent dirt and grime from settling deep into your rug’s fibers. Vacuuming frequently can also help prevent damage to your area rug caused by shoes grinding abrasive dirt into the delicate materials. Vacuum at least once per week to keep your area rug in optimal shape – especially after your pet comes inside after a day of play outdoors.

Invest in Professional Area Rug Cleaning

Nothing can replace professional area rug cleaners in Jacksonville when it comes to a job well done. If your beloved rugs are suffering because of your pets, call in the experts from Mussallem Area Rug Specialists. We are the best area rug cleaners in Jacksonville for households with furry friends. We can easily identify the type, age, value, and material of your area rugs, as well as the safest and most effective cleaning methods. Let us tackle even the worst pet messes, with ancient cleaning methods passed through the generations from 1897. Contact us today to see how we can help you!