Everything you need to know about how to properly care for and clean your area rug, as well as where to find the best area rug cleaning in Jacksonville.

Your carpets and rugs are a vital part of your home’s aesthetic, and keeping them clean and maintained will help maintain the beauty of your rugs and extend their lifespan. However, knowing the best method to use when cleaning your rugs can be difficult. While there are ways to adequately clean an area rug at home, it’s a task best left to the professionals, and here’s why.

Cleaning Area Rugs :

Area rugs are often more complicated to clean than wall-to-wall rugs or carpeting because area rugs are typically made using more delicate or tightly woven fibers. In general, when it comes to area rug cleaning, it’s a good idea to find the best rug cleaning services in Jacksonville and leave it to the pros because there are a lot of things that can go wrong in the cleaning process which could end up ruining your valuable rug. Here are some things professional area rug cleaners consider when deciding the best method for cleaning your rug:

Area Rug Materials :

Area rugs, Persian rugs and Oriental rugs, and all other area rugs in between are made using a variety of fibers and materials. Different types of materials trap dirt and stains differently and require different cleaning methods to keep them looking beautiful. Professional cleaners also know which cleaning methods to use to prevent damage during cleaning.

Bonnet Cleaning :

Certain detergents can be harmful to silk area rugs or rugs that are colored with specialty dyes. For more delicate or tightly woven area rugs, bonnet cleaning is the method preferred by most area rug services in Jacksonville. Bonnet cleaning utilizes a special tool or ‘bonnet’ to apply a very small amount of shampoo or detergent over the rug to give it a light cleaning. Afterward, another bonnet is used to remove the detergent from the rug along with any trapped dirt or dust.

Cleaning High or Low Fiber Rugs :

Area rugs can also come in a variety of fiber heights. For example, entry rugs are typically made using short fibers because these do not trap dirt or show footprints as easily and are therefore better suited for high-traffic areas. Area rugs made with high fibers are usually preferred for bedrooms or sitting rooms because the extra height adds comfort and a better feel underfoot. Determining the best method for cleaning depends on the fiber height of your rug. For many high fiber area rugs, brushes or combs may be too damaging to the fibers, causing a threadbare look.

Best Rug Cleaning Services in Jacksonville :

At Mussallem Area Rug Specialists, we have had decades of experience to perfect our methods of cleaning all types of area rugs. It is our mission to keep your rugs looking their best for as long as possible. Whether you are looking for an Oriental rug cleaning in Jacksonville, Persian rug cleaning in Jacksonville, or are simply on the hunt for a reliable and affordable rug cleaning professional in the area, Mussallem Area Rug Specialists has the tools, methods, and experience to care for your area rugs properly. Contact us today to learn more about the best area rug cleaning Jacksonville has to offer.